Student Organizations

The University of Oulu receive each year a large number of international students -from exchange to degree students- that are willing to network and meet new people with common interests and goals. The university have different student's organizations that will help you to many purposes from academical, faculty related to leisure activities such traveling or parties!

These are some of the student organizations that operate locally and countrywide:

  • OYY or Student Union of the University of Oulu

This  student organization is one of the biggest and the main one in the university since it take care of the interest of the students, promote different activities like leisure activities and other matters related to the university. You will hear more about them during the orientation week but if you want to check what they offer beforehand check their webpage at

  • ESN or Erasmus Student Network

Is an international student association -run by students too- that has presence in several countries and aim to help students find their fun way in their exchange programs. Their main activity is that all the students doing exchange or a degree have a great time so they focus in organizing one of a kind activities which can vary during the seasons! If you want to learn more about their activities before arriving to Oulu check here:

  • NISO or Network of International Students in Oulu

This organization also provides interaction and networking for all the students attending to the University of Oulu or the University of applied Sciences and they do so by organizing several activities with academical background or leisure. As the other student associations, NISO, aims to help students to have a great time in the city and enjoy every minute of their time in here! Check their activities and learn more about NISO before your arrival here:

  • AIESEC Finland/Oulu

This association is quite known worldwide and have been around for as long as 60 years. Run by students of higher education in Finland, look to promote equality and good values among its members and the rest of the world. They are interested in several issues including volunteering in different countries around the globe. The vibes in this student association are always on and they promote some other activities to the students in Oulu and in Finland. Read more about them and their activities in advance here:

  • Guilds of the University of Oulu

The universities in Finland have this student associations in each one of the faculties which are basically guilds or “Kilat” -as known in Finnish. But what are these guilds, you may ask? The guilds are basically an association of students that belong to a same field of studies and have some common activities and pursuit the same career than you. The aim of the formation of these guilds vary from faculty to faculty but to a better understanding, is a common ground a.k.a “The guild room” located in the university for the same faculty members -students mostly- where they share information and pointers for courses, exams and particularly promoted activities for the students of the faculty (you will hear the term fuksi which are the new degree students in Finnish). Some faculties have certain reputation of being the most famous party organizers and specially during the biggest celebration of the students which happen to be on 1st of May -Labor day to some of you, maybe?- where students celebrate several weeks in advance and for many also announce the end of the semester -since many students start their summer jobs on the first days of May, as well. This party is called Vappu but more about this HUGE celebration and the upcoming plans will require a full post!

The guilds in the University of Oulu are quite a bunch so I will write a post about them and try to name them all! Stay alert to get to know your guilt in advance!