The orientation day(s) could be one of the most interesting events to participate -when doing an exchange or start your studies in a different university.  In this case, the University of Oulu have prepared a special program for the exchange students and the degree students that will start their studies in Autumn and Spring term. Each program has a particular set of information and guidelines to have a great academic year or semester, according to the length of your studies, plus it will go through every practicality needed as well to other information you may need to know e.g. the seasons you will face at the time you arrive to Finland and how to cope with them -which can be also found in other section of this blog.

The orientation will help you to familiarize with the university and its services, complete your housing documentation and signing the tenancy agreement, student's card information, must do list when you arrive to Finland (like visit the registration office for obtain your Finnish ID number), banking options, health services, payment fees for the student union (which apply for many of us) among many others. Please check the section registration and fees for more detailed information.

Notice that there will be a slightly difference between the exchange student’s program and the degree student’s program since the last one includes a meeting with the International Master Programme key people (study counselor, dean of the program and/or others). Your own programme coordinator will contact you personally and give you the dates for these meetings but they will be also available during the orientation week. The other difference is that degree students will have the chance to participate in the Future Factory Workshop which is a fantastic opportunity to develop your abilities and networking skills with other students as well as contribute to find solutions to local or global challenges.

In the Autumn semester, at the end of the orientation week and to celebrate the new academic year the Student Union of the university of Oulu (OYY) yearly organize an opening event for all the students named Vulcanalia which is a fun event since it provides us good music and relaxing time plus we can meet new people or strengthen the friendship with our new student’s friends! Tickets are normally sold on the orientation week so just pay attention to the ticket sales or ask your Kummi!

So, what to check to have all the information in time is the following: