During the Orientation days’ event -and also on this post- you will hear some of these issues as a must do “checklist” which are friendly recommendations to follow whether you are on exchange or as degree student, check carefully all the items of this list that you need to complete during the first week after your arrival. If you have contact with your Kummi -who is your student guide or adviser- he or she will probably also mention you or even guide you how to get to the places besides some other information, once you meet in person, and for those who haven’t have that much contact with their Kummi check thoroughly this, which are the standard recommendations of the international office of the University of Oulu:

  • Pay the Student Union fee, according to the length of your studies (1 semester or the whole academic year). You will get guidance where to do it in the orientation.
  • Get your ID card (Exchange, bachelor and master’s students), you can get the ID card in an online version (if you pay it with a credit card) but if you stay longer get the physical student card at the OYY office.
  • Attend to the faculty’s information day, which is a meeting with your key contacts from your own faculty and will guide you with specific guidelines according to your studies. Very recommended and, in some cases, mandatory. If for some reason this event does not happen, contact your faculty coordinator or coordinator of studies.
  • Finnish ID number, all the international students coming to Finland need to get their Id number from the Local Registration office which is in the city center. Truly the first adventure to the city. Check the requirements and more information in other post or follow the instructions given to you in the orientation.
  • EU citizens, if your stay in the country is longer than 90 days or 3 months, you may need to visit the police station beside the registration office or make an online appointment. More information in other post in this blog or in the orientation event.
  • Check your student account mail and password, since is the first step to enter the online environments and access to the courses and other materials online. Some students get this information in advance and some have some troubles with it (check this post for more!). If you find yourself in the need of help go to the ICT helpdesk service located in the Student center.
  • Printing and copying, you may need to use these services while you study at the Oulu University so you may need to visit the ICT help desk to activate your RFID sticker. Check this post and/or follow the advice given to you in the orientation.
  • Accommodation with PSOAS, if you have a housing agreement with PSOAS attend to the info which will follow up with you signing your tenancy agreement. If you missed the orientation days’ event and you have a PSOAS housing you may need to go to their office in the city center. Read more about accommodation and housing in here!
  • Erasmus exchange students, must contact their Faculty’ international coordinator of studies to present their learning agreements and other documents required in both universities. Important and mandatory for most of the exchange students. Request a meeting time with the coordinator if your faculty have not organized one.

Remember that the checklist contains mandatory issues to take care during your first days at Oulu and at the university, and, some of them will take place in the city center -where you may need to get there by your own- but fun & adventure ahead in the city plus is a fantastic opportunity to meet friends or fellow students (which will be in these places as well) and/or same faculty students which who you can agree to go together!

N.B: Check always which documents you need to bring with you to these places e.g. passports or other official IDs and a copy of them!