Orientation weekend

A warm welcome from Colectivo to all the new students coming to the city of Oulu, the University of Oulu and to the University of Applied Sciences!! This week has started with the official arrival of the majority of the exchange students and the masters or degree students to the university.

Yesterday, on day one of the Orientation at Oulu University, there was a lot of emotions involved. You could see a nice amount of newcomers: Finnish freshmen students and International students coming from many countries around the world. The multicultural background seen yesterday at the opening of the orientation was truly overwhelming with different activities planned to guide the new students towards a better understanding of the education system in Finland, practicalities of the university and familiarize with the campus which will lead them to raise their expectation of what will happen with their studies and personal life among other issues related to what to expect during this semester or until the completion of their studies.

For those studying at the University of Oulu, some changes have taken place within the campus in Linnanmaa: still in plain view there are improvements, remodeling and changing the structure of some areas and buildings as well as major changes in the food services along the university restaurants and cafeterias. Always the changes bring a new vibe and that’s what we can appreciate from the areas that have been completed. The new cafeterias -old ones that have been updated and upgraded- have such a fresh new look that actually invites to enjoy a warm beverage and meals whether you are in a rush between lectures or just chilling with friends.

The second day of the Orientation provides a deeper look to university practicalities related directly to studies and compulsory steps as the ones mentioned in Orientation and the Checklist. The end of this day involves the presentation of different student associations for international students which provide leisure activities -Yes, including parties and traveling!- within the duration of your studies.

The importance of the orientation is to get yourself familiarized with the university, surroundings, academical and leisure activities to make your exchange or degree time in Oulu one of a kind experience you will ever have! –Believe me, it will be truly an amazing experience that you will never forget!

What will be coming in the following week is the New’s day (held on Tuesday 5th), the official academic year opening ceremony and Vulcanalia even held on the Wednesday September 6 but more information about these events here: http://www.oulu.fi/university/new-students/orientation

Just brief information about Vulcanalia, which is the official event for students organized by the OYY (or Student Union of the University of Oulu): it is a big event where you will find live music and some other fun activities taking place! Do not miss it! Get your tickets in the main hall in front of Tellus during this week before the event!

Welcome and have a great start of the semester!

See you around the university!

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